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The selfie mirror is a new, unique photo booth concept. Concealed behind super strong reflective glass, the selfie photo booth captures elegant, posed mirror shots within seconds.

Why choose the selfie mirror?

  • It’s a totally original accessory that guests won’t have experienced before
  • Mirrored Screen shows guests in real-time interacting with the booth
  • Touch screen features provide ultimate interaction
  • Instant prints available within seconds from the selfie mirror booth
  • Impressive, hidden technology; it looks just like a mirror!
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The NEW Photo Booth Experience

The selfie mirror is the top trending photography experience. Impress guests at any chosen event with this innovative new photo booth.

Like any standard mirror, the selfie mirror sees guests staring at their reflection. However, the impressive two-way selfie mirror then captures photos of guests posing; bringing their reflection to life! The mirror then presents interactive options on-screen; prompting guests to interact directly with the mirror.

Once guests activate the mirror, it will then display customised messages chosen by you prior to the event. After guests pose in the mirror, the booth will display a message prompting them to sign or add their name to their snapshots. These images can then be printed and shared directly to social media.

The selfie mirror

The selfie mirror is an original, stylish photo booth: the perfect addition to any event. Whether you’re looking to buy a selfie mirror booth or host an exciting wedding event, we’ve made sure this product is 100% customisable and suitable for any occasion.

The process

Guests simply pose in front of the mirror, capture their best look and instantly take away printed snapshots from the concealed photo booth. We always add a person touch too, providing a variety of different options for your company to boost brand awareness. However you want to style your brand, we’ll make it happen.

The prints

Once happy with their final images, guests get to choose from a range of print sizes and develop their printed photos. At dreambooth, we customise any photo with your required brand graphics. Completely customise your selfie mirror prints by adding company hashtags, website links or social media stickers prior to your event. 


Our Range of Mirrors


Mirror Me

The Mirror Me is the original and the best selfie mirror. In stock and ready to go!


Mirror Me +

Tall and sturdy, the Mirror Me + is great for a permanent installation at your venue.


Mirror Me X

Slimline and sleek, the Mirror Me X takes glamorous full length shots.


Beauty Mirror

Like a giant cosmetic mirror, the beauty mirror is compact and unique. Perfect for weddings, parties and corporate events.


Retro Mirror

The Retro Mirror is vintage and compact - easy to move and easy to use. Add something unique to your portfolio.



Brand the Prints

Printer Media

  • 6×4 or 5×7* Printer Paper
  • 6×4 Perforated Media (Great for vouchers)

Number of Photos

Choose between one and four photos per session.


Bespoke custom photo branding is provided to make your photos unique and personal to you or your brand.

Call to action

Direct guests to your website or social media pages by adding a call to action to prints.

Our handy Signature Feature

The Signature Features allows guests to sign the selfie mirror and add a personalised message to any captured photo. We can position the signature anywhere on the photo printout and completely personalise prints to suit each individual guest. 

It’s little extras like these that make the selfie mirror so great and provide an excellent user experience for all guests attending your event.

Screaming Feature

The Screaming Feature is a fun way of triggering the final posed photo. Simply scream or clap at the mirror to trigger the camera! What’s clever about this tool is the mirror displays a volume bar on the screen, as soon as it hears a scream. The booth then dispenses prints with a stamped figure of guests’ scream levels – pretty cool, right?    


iPad Sharing

Photos taken from the mirror can be shared to email and social media channels instantly using our iPad uploader. Plus, all shares from the iPad can be fully customised and branded around your company.

For shares on Twitter and Instagram,, we add specific hashtags and personalised messages to boost your brand. On Facebook, we specify a new album name and share photos that will reach guests’ timelines instantly. We’ve got something for everyone and ensure we tailor uploads to suit guests needs and chosen social media site.

Gesture Control

The selfie mirror can operate using gesture control; a great way of adding another level of customer interaction to the booth. Gestures that can activate the booth are – ‘Raise both hands’, ‘Smile’ and person detection. 

Bespoke Workflows

We tailor the selfie mirror to suit you with tonnes of custom made effects available to toy with. Choose from one to four photos to capture, printed as either portrait or landscape. Additionally, we offer options to add gesture control, screaming contest and signature features to enhance user experience.

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