Start your business – FAQs

1. Why should I start my own Photo Booth business?

The following list is an overview of why you should consider running your own photo booth hire business – and why you should choose Dreambooth as your business partner.

  • This is a low cost, high profit business. Once you have made your initial investment there are relatively few overheads. Just a handful of bookings each month can provide you with a significant income.
  • With Dreambooth there are no royalties or franchise fees.
  • You do not need to be an experienced photographer or require any specialist technicalknowledge. You just need a very basic understanding of computers and cameras.
  • We provide full training and 24 hour support.
  • You can work as little or often as you like. This can be run as a part time or full time business. It’s also a great bolt-on for an existing business.
  • It is an easy business to start and grow.
  • You can work from home. No need for business premises. (We started with one booth from our garage!)
  • There is huge demand for guest entertainment at events, wedding receptions and celebrations. Photo booths and selfie mirrors are currently experiencing an incredible surge in hire bookings.
  • We have a range of products so you can offer your customers more choice.
  • The booth hire business model means you get paid before you do the work. Great forcash flow.
  • We believe our software is the best in the business. We constantly strive to improve it and bring you new features so you can stay ahead of the game.
  • It’s great fun and you provide a service that people appreciate and enjoy.

2. How much does it cost?

Our packages start at £6,995 + vat for the dreamPod.
For a current price list and details of all our equipment and optional extras please email or call 03306 601301.

3. Do you offer finance?

Yes we do. We can introduce you to finance providers who can advise you on the best way of making your purchase. Please email us at or call 03306 601301 for a quote.

4. After the initial investment what are Dreambooth’s ongoing fees?

Absolutely none. No franchise fees, no royalties, no profit share. All the money you earn is yours! We carried out significant research on this. This is what people said they wanted:

  • An affordable business package with excellent income potential and a fast return on investment.
  • A proven business model with low overheads.
  • The freedom to work when, where and how much you want, without the worry of covering monthly fees and fixed costs.

The Dreambooth business package offers all this and we have several successful operators proving how good the model is.

5. Am I buying a territory?

We don’t operate a territory model. We have found through our own experience you don’t want to be restricted to an area as opportunities will appear nationwide. Imagine if you bought a territory and for some reason that locality didn’t work out? The advantage of being free to trade anywhere, far outways the those of owning an exclusive territory.

If you are not confined to a territory it also allows you to expand geographically without having to purchase other territories. We don’t charge for territory, that is why we are not as expensive as other providers in our industry. The price advantage allows you to keep overheads low. It is also much easier to start on a part time basis if you don’t have to pay royalties and fees associated with the traditional Franchise territory model.

6. Can this be a part time business?

Lots of our customers are part time booth operators. Some use it as a ‘bolt-on’ to their existing business and others grow their part time booth businesses into a full time operation.

Most events take place on a Friday evening or during the weekend. To start with, you can simply cherry pick the hire dates you want to fit round your job or lifestyle. Once you have secured a pipeline of bookings and you have a good feel for the business, you can decide how much you want grow. Or you may be happy to stay part time and simply enjoy the additional income.

Whether you are thinking of running your business part time, full time or as a ‘bolt-on’, you can be assured photo booth hire can be very rewarding. Both financially and in the freedom it gives you to work when and how much you choose.

This is a low investment, high return opportunity. You can easily run this from your home. Remember, it’s fun too! You get to go to lots of parties. Providing a service that people appreciate and enjoy. It’s is a great way to earn a living.

7. Can this be a ‘bolt-on’ for an existing event businesses?

More and more people are including entertainment at their wedding receptions and social events. The latest ‘selfie’ mirrors are engaging, entertaining and lots of fun.
For example they make an obvious bolt-on for photographers, bouncy castle operators and chocolate fountain hire companies. In fact they are an ideal addition to any event based business including event venues.

Here are a few reasons you might consider adding a dreamMirror to your services:

  • You can make extra revenue from your events. A three hour hire is typically charged out at £500 to £600.
  • It is perfect for wedding receptions, black tie balls, parties etc. Basically at any social or corporate event.
  • You will already be at the venue so there are no additional transport costs.
  • Once the mirror is set up (around 10 minutes) it requires little effort to operate.
  • The only ongoing cost is approx 7p per photo print. Around £14 for an average event.
  • You can personalise the borders on the photo prints to include your company details.

8. How much can I earn?

Of course that depends on how much time you want to invest and how you market your business. Even on a part time basis, the profit potential of photo booth hire is enormous! A typical booking is around £500+. Just one event per week should generate around £24,000 per year in sales.

This level of activity can be easily be managed on a part time basis. Events usually take place on a Friday evening or weekend so your business can be run alongside a full time job if you wish. As you add more bookings and more booths, the more you earn!

9. What add-on services can I offer to make more money?

As well as charging a hire fee, you can make more revenue by offering additional services. Remember, any extras are pure profit! Here are some examples of add-ons you can offer your clients.

Video recording – Guests can leave a video message for their hosts. Ideal at wedding receptions and parties. Also very good for corporate events where delegates can leave feedback on the event or give opinions on such things as the new company logo or ad campaign etc.

Green screen – Transport guests to anywhere in the world by placing them in front of a green screen backdrop. Simply find suitable background pictures from the internet and load into the booth’s computer. It could be somewhere linked to the event or anywhere just for fun… The Grand Canyon, Wembley Stadium, The Moon!

Animated Gifs Our software can create moving pictures by combining a small series of stills into a short animation. After each event, add a gallery of pictures and gifs to your facebook page. People love the gifs and share them on their Facebook pages. Great publicity for you!

Motion control – You can offer your customers an option which allows the camera to be activated by raising your hands which is great fun.

Bespoke workflows – The software comes with several preset workflows. It is also very easy to create bespoke workflows including branding and messages specially designed for your client. This applies to private and corporate events and something you can sell at a premium.

10. How quickly will I get a return on my investment?

This depends on how much you charge and how many events you attend. A typical 3 hour booking is around £500+. However, if you add in extras like video, green screen or personalised workflows you can charge more. Depending on the services you provide it should take between 15 to 20 bookings to get the initial investment back. Obviously it depends on how you market your business but if you could secure one booking a week that could be less than four months. Compared to most other businesses that buy capital equipment, a Photo Booth offers a very quick return on investment.

11. What is the demand for photo booth hire?

Is there enough work to go round? The answer is “Yes!” There is enormous demand. According to The Office for National Statistics there are over 300,000 weddings in the UK every year. Brides Magazine quotes the average wedding now costs £30,111. Most photo booth owners start their journey in the Wedding market and for good reason… the market is massive and budgets are generous!

A typical 3 hour wedding booking is £500+. Weddings, however, are just the beginning. There are opportunities to earn £500 or more at christmas parties, black tie balls, proms, Bar Mitzvahs, children’s parties, Freshers’ events, trade stands, exhibitions, corporate events & conferences, product launches, store openings, shopping centres etc etc!
There is heaps of work out there! Especially if you can offer the latest and best in photo booth equipment like the dreamPod or dreamMirror.

12. Do you supply leads?

We do not supply leads. In our experience it is much better to generate your own leads than to rely on someone else. What if their enquiries don’t live up to expectations? Once you have committed there is no guarantee that you will have enough good quality enquiries to maintain your business if you rely on someone else. We believe an integral part of business is managing your own sales process so you are in control of your own destiny. We can show you how to get enquiries. It is not difficult. Just follow our simple formula.

13. How will I get my bookings?

Here is the number one, most effective and practically free way to start filling your booking calendar.

The easiest and quickest market to break into is the wedding reception market. It may not be your final destination but it is a great place to start. Simply research where the best local wedding and event venues are. Contact the Events Manager and ask for 5 minutes of their time to demonstrate your photo booth. The dreamMirror and dreamPod are the latest thing in guest entertainment and good event managers are usually keen to keep up with current trends.

You will soon build up a database of contacts. Most busy wedding venues host 40 to 50 wedding receptions a year. It won’t be long before you are asked to quote for your first hire.

A combination of being active in the local event venue community and some low cost Facebook advertising will soon start a flow of enquiries. Of course you will develop your own niche, website and marketing strategy but the simple tactic of contacting wedding venues and an active Facebook page is a great way to get started.

14. What marketing support do you offer?

Once you have made a commitment to move forward with us we will supply you with images and videos to use for your marketing and Facebook posts. You will quickly build up your own library of photographs but to begin with our digital content will allow you to begin advertising. Many of our customers have generated several bookings before even taking delivery of their equipment this way.

We will also supply you with an Operations Manual covering all aspects of running your business including dealing with enquiries, event hosting and marketing.

15. When should I start?

A year from now you may wish you had started today! There is no time like the present.

More and more we are receiving enquiries from people who have been to an event which has hired a booth. In particular, they have seen the dreamMirror in action and they see the potential. The dreamMirror is hot right NOW!

Get in early! Get established in your area. Get your name out there. Be the first to set up relationships with all your local event venues.

16. What training and support will you provide?

We provide a comprehensive training session at our workshop in Chesterfield. This will cover everything including set up, workflows, camera operation, transport, troubleshooting etc. The session lasts around two hours which is normally enough, even if you are not a technical wizard! The software has been designed to be user friendly and is quick to learn. Relax, we have successfully trained hundreds of customers.

We can also operate your equipment using remote technology. This means our technicians can provide training or support without being on site with you. We have four skilled technicians who are available 24/7.

17. How easy is the equipment to operate?

Operating the equipment, on the day, is very simple as you will have configured the settings before you leave for an event. On arrival, you plug into the electric, attach the printer and adjust the flash settings to match the lighting conditions. This will involve taking a few test shots. After that, you simply have to keep an eye on the printer paper levels.

18. What does attending an event involve?

A typical event goes something like this:

You contact the venue before the event and double check you can arrive early to set up. Make sure there is parking, access and electricity. Double check you have everything you need: leads, cables, guest book, memory sticks, business cards etc. Create a checklist to use before you set off and before you return.

Dress for comfort when you are setting up then change into something more suitable for the event. Once the event begins it is your job to engage with the guests and show them how to use the equipment. This involves them touching the screen and smiling. Not too difficult! People are inquisitive and in fun mood so this is the most enjoyable aspect of the day.

Leave some business cards where they can be seen. Also make contact with the venue manager. If the event has gone well they will recommend you to others!

Most of all, remember to enjoy yourself!

We cover this in more detail in our Operations Manual.

19. Do I need to buy a van?

This is an important issue for anyone starting a new venture. Buying a van for your business is an additional cost you could do without. The good news is you don’t necessarily need a van. The dreamMirror will fit in a family hatchback, like a Golf, with the back seats down. The dreamGraffiti wall and dreamPod will fit into most cars.

All our equipment packs down into sturdy flight cases for protection during transport. Here are the dimensions of the travel cases:

  • dreamMirror – Height 1,530mm, Width 955mm, Depth at top: 188mm, Depth at base 565mm. Frame: 1,600mm x 960mm
  • dreamPod – Height 990mm , Width 570mm, Depth 420mm
  • dreamGraffiti –  Height 340mm, Width 460mm, Length 1,270mm

If for any reason you don’t want to or can’t use your car, you can ‘spot hire’ a small van for around £35 per day. This is a good temporary solution until you decide what vehicle you need for your business.

20. What if there is a maintenance issue?

All our equipment is fully guaranteed for 12 months. If maintenance is required after the guarantee period is over all the components can easily be repaired on a local basis. We recommend you service the printer once a year. This costs around £80 with your local dealer.

21. What happens about software updates?

We provide full software support and updates for twelve months. After that you can choose to pay for updates on an annual basis. This is optional. You only need to upgrade when we release a feature that you can sell. New features mean you can sell more and charge more!

22. What insurance do I need?

The very least you need is Public Liability Insurance. A good Insurance Broker will advise you which is the best Insurance Company to use. The premium should be around £250 per year.

23. Is it enjoyable?

Running a successful photo booth business could mean you enjoy a lucrative income and work the hours to suit yourself; but it also means you can have great fun attending events and celebrations. Have you considered how rewarding it can be to provide a service that is truly appreciated by your clients?

Here are some typical ‘thank you’ messages from our clients:

“It was fabulous, thank you so much. Our guests absolutely loved it, especially the wind machine – they couldn’t believe it when we told them! The Usher was so polite and laughing along with our guests so we’d like to thank him too and appreciate him staying so late to take it down.

‘Thank you so much for all your co-operation throughout this service we will definitely make sure we use you again at future events!”

“Thanks for all your help, it went very well last night and Sam was great. The selfie mirror was a roaring success and we will definitely keep you on our books and suggest it for future bookings.”

“Hey!! Just wanted to drop by to say a massive thank you to dreambooth and the guys who ran our booth at Ringwood Hall hotel on Saturday for our wedding. Nothing was too much trouble. We love our guest book of the photos and messages and our guests loved that they got a set to take home. Thank you again, such fun memories.”

“Thank you so much for the Photo Booth at my wedding it was such a big hit and has given us something we can look back on with awe. Again… thank you”

We regularly receive messages like this by email or posted on our Facebook page. It’s a great business to be in when you receive such praise for entertaining your clients and providing happy memories.

24. Do I have to use Dreambooth branding?

No you don’t. By all means use the Dreambooth name when referring to the equipment but we recommend you develop your own identity and branding.

25. What if there is a competitor in my area?

Refer to question 11. There is plenty of work to go round!

A little bit of competition isn’t a bad thing. The dreamMirror and dreamPod are still relatively new and lots of people haven’t heard of them. If there is more than one operator in an area that will help educate the market and increase interest. So long as you deal with enquiries in a professional manner and offer great customer service, you will get the bookings you need. If you have invested with us you will also have the best equipment with the best features to offer your prospects.

26. Why choose Dreambooth over other similar products?

Three very important reasons – Hardware, Software and Support.

Hardware – We use a strobe flash that triggers when the camera triggers. This produces well lit, excellent quality photos. LEDs don’t work and give poor photos. Good photos means happy clients which means repeat bookings, referrals and lots of shares on social media.
Software – We have strong, stable software. We have features that you cannot find in any other product: Video Recording, Gesture Control, Smile Detection (all these are included).
Support – We provide 24/7 support.

27. Should I attend a Discovery Day?

If you are thinking about investing in a photo booth you should consider investing a couple of hours and visit us on our next Discovery Day.

  • You will see a full demonstration of our dreamGrafitti (digital graffiti wall) our dreamPod and our dreamMirror. We can show you all their features and options including set up, software, animations, green screen, motion detection… the list is long!
  • We will have members of our Technical and Hire teams available to answer your questions. Not just about equipment but anything you want to know about the business.
  • We will give you access to a Media file with images and video for your website and marketing material.
  • All purchases will include an Operations Manual covering all aspects of running a profitable business including marketing and templates for emails, quotes and booking forms.

We hope you have found this information useful.

If you need any more information or you would like to come to one of our Discovery Days please do not hesitate to contact us.

Email: Telephone: 03306 601301