Interactive Green Screen

Make your photo activation become part of your event with our immersive green screen photography.

Using Smart Placement technology, your guest is able to select their background of choice and they are inserted automatically in the correct location, every time.

Why choose Interactive Green Screen

  • Fun creative photography
  • Great for game and film launches
  • Get guests interacting with your content
  • Share GIF, video or images to email, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Digitally brand the shared GIF, video or image

Space Required – Approx 3.0m x 3.0m


Customise the Interactive Green Screen Experience

Customise the Interactive Green Screen

Whether they are hanging upside down from a trapeze or exploding out of a building, our immersive green screen is perfect for inserting a guest into a scene from a movie, your marketing materials, or a themed digital background.

  • Static backgrounds
  • Immersive foreground and background images
  • Green screen animated GIFS
  • Interactive animated GIFS

Branded Online Gallery & Social Sharing Platform

my.noonah Branded Online Gallery and Social Sharing Platform

We have developed a system that allows sharing directly from our activations, built into this is a gateway that prompts customers to like and share your Facebook page, use brand specific hashtags to create online trends and even track how successful your campaign was using analytics and reports.

The Online Gallery is fully branded for your event; embed custom background graphics or colours, host a promotional YouTube video on the gallery and even incorporate a Facebook feed to increase likes on your page.

Images shared from this gallery can be tracked through our tracking software and we can create accurate reports for you to fully understand the impact of your events and ROI.

Social Media Integration

Upload images directly to Facebook, Twitter and Email

Users can browse through photos taken by the dreamPod on our branded iPads and upload these images directly to their Facebook pages. This will immediately expand your brand exposure.
Ask us to:

  • Post users’ photos directly to their wall. We can add text, URL or logo to each of the uploaded pictures.
  • Post users’ photos straight to your fan page. This will generate immediate interaction and activity on your page.
  • Expand your social media reach in one easy step! We can set our systems to ensure users like your Facebook page before they upload their photo.

All photos will also be uploaded to our own Facebook page to enable guests to easily find and share the photos after the event.

Customer Data Collection

Customer data collection

The dreamPod is an incredible tool to enable data collection

Make your dreamPod hire work harder for you by using our data collection services. Our ushers will collect specific criteria (as determined by your needs) from your customers and guests prior to them entering the dreamPod. This data is then saved and emailed over to you – either instantly or as a batch upload. Get to know your demographic better, expand your social media presence and learn from your customers at the same time as providing a great customer experience.

Our ushers will act as your brand ambassadors and are also more than happy to wear clothes representing your brand, as required. All aspects of your corporate image will be discussed and agreed upon prior to the event taking place.

Free Online Gallery

Private online galleries are great for sharing all of the images from your event with your closest friends and family.

A private gallery can be set up after your event; we print the username and password for the gallery on every print, meaning that each guest at your event can easily find their photo online days, weeks or even months afterwards.

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