Hashtag Print Station

The Instagram Hashtag Print Station is the perfect way of printing photos directly from Instagram at any event. The simple easy to use print station features a touch screen for manually selecting and printing photos and displaying all of the photos in a slideshow from the event.

  • Print Customisation
  • Fun & Interactive Entertainment Tool
  • Great for Weddings, Parties & Corporate
  • Create a trend around your client’s/venue’s event online
  • Socially share a special occasion
  • 6×4 or 5×7 Prints

How Does It Work?

Take a photo on your smartphone

Tag the photo with the specific #hashtag for your event & share

Select and print your photo from the hashtag station

Enjoy your photo!

The print station will then find the images and display them on the touch screen, from here you can automatically print all of the images and distribute them to guests or guests can use the print station to view all of the images and print copies of the ones that they would like to keep.

Here are some great benefits of purchasing the dreambooth hashtag station:

  • Actively engage with a target audience at an event
  • Create hype around the event online with branded #hashtags
  • Increase brand awareness for your client or venue
  • Lasting marketing impact with branded photo prints
  • Fun new and unique marketing / entertainment tool…

Branding & Customisation

We love customisation, we can customise everything to make the #hashtag station perfect for you. Basic customisation is offered within the price, this includes:

  • Print Personalising and Branding
  • Touchscreen Display Header Message
  • Logos on Prints / Touch Screen

Further customisation is available for both the software and hardware at an additional cost, we recommend this for corporate events to further push brand and product promotions.

  • Full Vinyl Wrap
  • Simple Logo & Lettering Vinyl
  • Full Touch Screen Branding & White Label
  • Full Print Customisation & White Label

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