So what are ‘Flipbooks’?

Our Flipbooks are fun photo books with a difference. Much like your standard book, our Flipbooks tell a story – but with images instead of words. Using fun props and effects, guests create their own unique video montage and turn it into an exciting, interactive book – a great way of capturing memories at any event.

Using our Flipbook software, guests simply jump in front of the camera and record a short clip. The software then prints out the series of frames featured in the video and voilà, a Flipbook is born!

  • Branded Flipbook covers
  • High quality Flipbooks (160GSM Paper)
  • In-book scrolling text (Great for links)
  • Foreground images
  • Video effects (Sepia, Snow, Fish-Eye)
  • Flipbooks saved as video
  • Easy to use
  • Great corporate give-away
  • Fun themed props


How does it work?

Your guests jump in front of the camera and capture a 10-second video. During this time, guests interact with each other using fun, entertaining props that we provide.

Once the video is captured, it is then processed and converted into different photo frames. Our staff then compile a Flipbook for guests to take away by printing frames and selecting the best images.  All of the individual pages are then bound into a plain or branded flipbook to create a visual video on paper! The outcome? Your very own keepsake Flipbook – made in an impressive 90 seconds!

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