What is a Digital Thought Mirror?

The Digital Thought Mirror is a great tool to have in your portfolio.  Clients at exhibitions love this tech as it gets reps stopping, staring and striving for their very own interactive experience. This photo booth is a great way to grab the attention of passing representatives by allowing a fun, interactive experience right there and then.

Add personalised digital messages, speech and thought bubbles and quirky branded hashtags to add a personal touch to any print for the clients. Then, instantly share pictures from the iPad provided to any social media channel. With digital signage, brand exposure and tonnes more fun features, you can be sure reps won’t just be taking pens away from their stall!

How does it work?

The Digital Thought Mirror uses a depth camera to superimpose digital 3D props onto anyone standing in front of it. Simply interact with the camera and capture playful images instantly. The on-screen 3D Props reacts to guest movement by following them around – they even scale larger or smaller when your guest moves closer or further away from the screen.

What’s great about this Digital Thought Mirror booth is it can be fully customised for any brand; create bespoke 3D messages, speech and thought bubbles with company slogans and logos.

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