What is a Spray Paint Wall?

The Spray Paint Wall is the latest must-have event experience. This quirky new application recreates authentic graffiti on a big screen.

Our team take real aerosols, remove the paint and replace it with tech. Tracked by a computer vision system, aerosols spray ‘light’ instead of paint and the digital paint appears wherever the can is sprayed. The result is an immersive, interactive, digitalised graffiti experience.

For a brand or private event, you can customise this entire experience including colours, logos and messages – you can personalise any aspect to fit in with your requirements.

Get creative with the Spray Paint Wall

Used at Glastonbury, Dubai Trade Shows, private parties and conferences, our Spray Paint Wall has become the must have accessory for any great event experience.

Everyone wants the on-trend Spray Paint Wall at their event, and countless vendors are using us to engage with customers all over the world.

Why is our Spray Paint Wall so appealing?

  • Graffiti, like most art forms, focuses and relaxes us.
  • When we draw, we tell a story… and we love telling stories.
  • Each design on the wall can be saved, uploaded to social media and emailed.
  • Every creation can be used to create mementos such as photos, T-shirts, mugs or bags.

The Spray Paint Wall’s special effects give your work the look and feel of real life graffiti. So, let out your inner Banksy and start creating!

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