What is the Augmented Reality Booth?

We can make your creative ideas a reality with our 3D Augmented Reality Photo Booth. This tech-tastic party photo booth invites users to explore a fun digital realm, filled with exciting virtual reality props and special green screen effects. Thanks to this new innovative technology, capturing photos has never been so exciting.

  • Guests use hand gestures to activate and operate the booth.
  • Create 3D digital props that attach to guests’ head and face.
  • Export guests instantly to another world, with a personalised green screen.

How Does the 3D Augmented Reality Booth Work?

This genius party photo booth is the closest technology can get to interactive reality. Guests stand in front of the open air photo booth and see a visual image of themselves appear on a large monitor. Virtual 3D props then load onto the photo booth screen, where guests get the opportunity to move and interact with fun prop animations.

This innovative technology also lets guests switch between props by raising their right hand above their head. Once guests are ready to take a photo, they simply hold down the virtual gesture slider and in 3…2…1, their posed snap shot is born.

Utilise our unique branding options

There is an immense amount of branding opportunity available when you buy the Augmented Reality Photo Booth.

You can fully customise the print overlay with your customised graphics, and even create 3D models that relate to your event or brand. After the photo is taken, it can then be shared to Facebook, Twitter or Email as well as being automatically printed with logos and call to action – perfect for corporate or private events.

  • Impressive media photo booth
  • Specifically branded green screen booth backgrounds
  • Customised and branded features
  • Personalised 3D Augmented Reality props
  • Photo print branding

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