The 360X

Welcome to our latest, innovative piece of technology – the 360X. The 360X captures slow motion, high definition videos from every angle. The result? Awesome branded viral content that can be shared within seconds – just ask Alpen!

Why choose the 360X?

  • Brand new event entertainment tool
  • Fun, creative videography
  • Unique, never seen before technology
  • Capture large group
  • Share videos to Email, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Digitally customise into a brand video
  • Capture videos in 360


Customise the 360 experience

Customise the 360X

The 360X has a number of unique branding opportunities:

  • Intro and outro video branding
  • Digital branding (Logo overlay)
  • Brand your platform
  • Brand sharing stations

Personalise the video

Personalise your video

Capture 360 video’s in slow motion

Customisation is key for the best 360 video experience. You can add a personalised intro and outro to any video and tailor it specifically to an event branding.

Add a video overlay to your final video – this can be anything from a brand logo to virtual hashtag stickers. Whatever you or your client chooses will appear on every video shared.

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