Product: Augmented Reality Photo Booth

Client: S4C Wales

Campaign: URDD 2015

When & Where: Urdd Gobaith Cymru: Hafan


To collect data from guests attending the URDD show and to allow them to interact with the S4C brand in a fun and unique way.


dreambooth Augmented Reality allowed guests to be placed inside their favourite S4C TV Shows in realtime!

Guests stood in front of the Augmented Reality Photo Booth and were instantly inside the virtual world – without the need for an ugly green screen!

Custom 3D props were created and loaded into the software before the event, and guests were able to change their props using different gestures once they were stood in front of the booth.

During the event, guests were given the opportunity to have their photos taken inside their favourite TV show. These photos were printed in seconds, and guests were invited to share them online to Facebook, Twitter and Email with predefined copy and hashtags. During the upload process, we also captured customer data that S4C could use to further market their shows, post-event.


We saw whole families gathering in the S4C marquee to use the Augmented Reality Photo Booth. Guests ranging from grandchildren to grandparents used the booth throughout the week, capturing memories of the URDD 2015 show from inside their favourite TV shows.

Printed photos were branded and placed inside print wallets to further promote the S4C brand long after the event had finished.

Photos Taken
Photos Printed
Photos Shared

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