Product: Hashtag Projection

Client: National Citizens Service

Campaign: NCS Yes Live

When & Where:  Brixton O2 Academy РJune 2014


Drive #NCSYesLive to promote the brand | Create viral photos live at the event, utilising hashtag | Create incredible atmosphere


Dreambooth Hashtag Projection pooled all of the photos taken on Instagram and Twitter and displayed them on two huge screens either side of the stage. Guests were also able to collect a print of their Instagram or Twitter photo at our print stations!


You could actually hear the chatter above the music as people worked out what was happening! People saw their photos appearing in real time for the whole crowd to see. The print station printed over 1,000 photos in three hours! – All the photos were branded with client logos for the guests to keep as a memento of the event.

Hashtag Shares
Photos Printed

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