Social Media Photo Booth Marketing

Social media plays a huge part in marketing campaigns today. Brands want to be able to interact with actual customer online for free, to do this they have to build a fan base of actual customers who want to like their page and receive interesting updates from your company.

In the past companies have done eshot campaigns to a database of emails they have received from various sources, while this is still a viable way of digital marketing we at dreambooth take it to the next level.

Our Digital Marketing Campaigns get customers interacting with your brand in a fun and unique way. Our social media photo booths create a great impression at any event, if you’re launching a new product or promoting your brand online then we can help you:

Social Media Photo Booth:

  • Promote your product or brand online via Facebook / Twitter
  • Drive traffic to your fan pages via photo sharing
  • Share branded photos online for maximum exposure
  • Get customers to like and tag their photos on your page
  • Track likes, Impressions and Shares with our unique photo sharing system
  • Branded photo booths further promote your brand at your event
  • Branded photos being shared online with your logos
  • Branded Photo prints handed out at your event
  • Create trends and track shares online with specific hashtags

We have proven to clients that social media photo booths work, we have worked with New Look, Ladbrokes, BBC, YSL, National Express and many more, helping them engage with customers via social media.

The great thing about social media photo booths is the power of your customers sharing their photos. They do not just publish their photo online, they share it with their friends their friends like the photo and then friends of friends are seeing your brand! It is an amazing knock on effect that we can track with our unique social media analytics software.