Photo Booth Hire: Animated Gif Photo Booth

The Dreambooth is packed with features and now we are adding even more. We have recently added the ability to create animated gif’s in our photo booths. Guests jump in the photo booth dressed in hilarious props, the photo booth will then take four photos as normal and then creates a unique animation from your photos.

This feature is brand new and is a new concept that we have been testing and it has proven very popular at parties and corporate events. The animation file created can be displayed at your event on a projector for everyone to see or shared after the event online and via social media platforms. The Animated Gif feature works great with our social media photo booth, we can upload these animated files live from your event to create and instant online buzz around your event.

The animated gif photo booth requires your guests to interact with the camera and capture photos that would work great as an animation. A good example of this would be four different emotions, In the first photo guests could look sad, the second they could look bored, the third they could be angry and the last they could be happy. The dreambooth software would then take these photos and animate them into a funny clip.

After the event these animations can be edited into a video clip to create a full montage of everyone who used the photo booth at your event, emailed or shared on social media networks such as facebook and twitter.