How to Host the Perfect Corporate Event

By April 26, 2013Blog

A corporate event is an important marketing activity for companies. There are a range of formal and informal external corporate events held for customers to understand a company, their products and services, to launch a new product or service, or just to build relationships.

Companies also hold internal corporate events for employees to understand what is going on in the business, to rally together and motivate staff and also to celebrate and recognise achievements.

We’ve attended quite a few corporate and business events with our branded photo booth and have a lot of experience in experiential marketing, so here we give a few tips on holding the perfect corporate event.

Choose an Attractive Venue

Holding an event at an unusual, famous and attractive venue always appeals to people attending, especially if it’s a high profile and high budget event that you want to attract as many people as possible to attend.

Venues such as museums, galleries, industry landmarks and famous entertainment venues will be an attraction for potential guests. There are many other unusual venues you can research that will also set your event apart from the normal conference centres and hotel venues.

Feature a Highlight

Every event should have a highlight that gives a feel-good factor to those attending and also makes the event memorable. You could feature a high profile speaker, a famous guest speaker, achievement or recognition awards or a major announcement. This will also make people speak about the event in a positive light.

Include Entertainment

Entertainment always goes down well at a business event, especially to break the ice, bond people together and make people feel less awkward. You could include one of our branded photo booths that creates a fun ambience and gives people a pleasant experience and association with your brand. Our clients have used our photo booths in a number of different ways, including to gather feedback from staff, raise funds for a great cause and also to capture data from customers using it. The added benefit is that your guests can take away a photo keepsake with your brand on it.

Give Networking Opportunities

Allowing some form of networking to take place at your event will enable people to feel at ease and feel included as part of the event with other guests. You could hold a registration reception prior to your event commencing where guests can register and gather in an area to network. You could also including networking time during or after lunch or alternatively after your event over drinks and food. Guest will appreciate the opportunity to network and mingle with like-minded people who have a common interest with each other – your company.

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