Branded photo booths one of the top trends for 2013!

It’s a new year and that time again where event professionals are on the lookout for the next big thing. We were thrilled to see that branded photo booths were listed as the third most important trend in event planning strategy. As the article explains, the USP of having a branded photo booth at your corporate event is the ability to have pictures of your event disseminated throughout the web – especially with the huge surge in popularity of applications such as Instagram. Pictures are what bring descriptions of your events to life; they provide an instant memory jog of your product or brand…as well as being a great way to engage your audience and give them a fun and memorable keepsake. And the ability to share the images through all the different social media applications out there ensures that you get publicity and rising awareness that transcends traditional media write ups. In many ways, this type of sharing is far more powerful; it’s real memories captured by real people who had a great time and love your products. As people post and share the pictures from the branded photo booth, each and every one of your guests has the ability to truly act as a brand ambassador for your business.

Our friendly dreambooth operators can upload all pictures taken in the branded photo booth straight to your company’s Facebook page so your guests can easily access them. They’ll need to like the page to gain access, perfect for ensuring continual engagement and creating new information channels.

We’ve always known just how fantastic photo booths can be for building your brand and making your event stand out from the crowd – we only have to see the huge queues for our photo booths at the events we attend to know that! So why not let us help you get your message out there – hire a dreambooth branded photo booth for your next corporate event. And if you want to know the other major event trends for 2013, you can read the article here.