Branded photo booth – Making memories with Kipling Bags

We had a great time with Kipling Bags in Westfield Shepherds Bush on the weekend of 17-18th November.

The event’s objective was to raise the profile of the brand, showcase the new range and drive people into the store by offering the reward of a discount on a purchase which was a discount on a purchase. And they may also have wanted to tempt people away from the other bag retailers that, in true shopping centre fashion, were located next door!

dreambooth were there add a touch of fun to the day with a specially branded photo booth featuring full 360 degree branding, branded photos and the ability to upload images direct from the booth to people’s individual Facebook profiles, via iPad. We also uploaded all the pictures to Kipling International’s Facebook page after the event.

The event was bright and fun, with an on brand feel and clear messaging. We managed to get a huge cross-section of people into the branded photo booth – perfect! In addition to the standard personalised branded photos, we also offered photo wallets with a cut out of a bag. People could put their photos inside the cut out, representing how a bag can hold so much more than just your phone, wallet, make up and personal possessions; but also hold your memories and stories. This campaign was also run on the Kipling Facebook page.

We organised the wallet and flyer design and production, as well as providing two of our great ushers to man the booth, We also provided two promotional staff to hand out flyers and entice people into the branded photo booth. Our ushers were responsible for instant Facebook upload through our two iPads.

This was one of our most exciting and successful events to date. On day one, in-store sales were up 100%! On day two, they were up 75%! These amazing results were driven by the branded photo booth. The Store Manager even told us that not only were sales fantastic, but that footfall was the best she had ever seen. She couldn’t have been any happier!

To put the cherry on top of the event, we were visited by a mystery shopper who turned out to be Kipling’s Head of Brand! She thought the whole experience was fantastic, was highly complimentary about our staff and commented on how we offered just the right amount of information for her to then want to take the photograph into the shop and spend, spend, spend!

Day 1: Sales up by 100%
Day 2: sales up by 75%
Total photos/videos taken: 350
Total photos/videos uploaded: 335
Average total photos/videos taken each day: 175 photos
Average Facebook page increase in likes: 300

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