Making Olympic memories with a dreambooth branded photo booth

Well, what an Olympics that was! I think we can say that both Team GB and the organising committee did us all proud…..

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to play a small part in the greatest show on earth, by supporting the BBC coverage of the Olympic torch relay. The aim was to promote local BBC radio stations in 40 locations around the country. Check out the video below for how we did it – it gives you a brilliant view of the great quality of a dreambooth branded photo booth and how we build and brand onsite.

We travelled alongside the BBC radio bus and set up in each town with a fully branded marquee – great for protecting us and our guests from the occasionally inclement weather – and providing another great layer of branding.

People were able to have their photo taken with an Olympic stadium backdrop, ass well as having the ability to leave 10 second messages of support for Olympic hopefuls. These images and videos were then passed onto athletes to spur them on, given Team GB’s brilliant performance, it obviously worked

dreambooth provided two ushers per day to run the booth plus 2 brand ambassadors who ensured guests formed an orderly queue (a vital role at the times there were over 100 people waiting to use the booth!) and that each guest completed a consent form agreeing to how their photos could be used for publicity.

Participants could give:

1) Full consent

2) Online consent

3) TV and online consent

4) No consent

We uploaded images to the local radio station’s Facebook page and made a collage of 9 images which featured on local news later that day. We made branded photo wallets for people to take their photos away with them, and providing a continual visual reminder of their local BBC radio station.

We were lucky enough to have quite a few celebrities come through the booth, including: Gary Linekar, Paul Ross, Gaby Roslin, Jeremy Vine, Chris Moyles and Louis Smith.

It was a long tour, but we loved every minute and, most importantly it was a great success for BBC local radio with a huge social media reaction.

The Results:

  • Total Photos Taken: 5,863
  • Total Photos uploaded: 5,018
  • Average total photos taken each day: 150
  • Photos taken that were fully consenting: 86%
  • Videos recorded: 253
  • Average ‘Good Luck Team GB messages’ recorded each day: 7
  • Organic reach of Facebook pages: 3,466,674
  • Engaged Facebook users: 37,859
  • Average Facebook page increase in likes: 6.5%
  • Number of radio stations that broadcasted directly from the POD: 16
  • Percentage of photo montages still being used on local BBC websites: 77%

*Organic reach is anyone who saw the content on the page or news feed
*An engaged user is one that has clicked on the post or looked specifically at your gallery