Olympic memories created with a photo booth

By June 17, 2012Blog

Our photo booth is currently making its way around the UK with the BBC team following the Olympic torch to many towns and cities.

The BBC are using the photo booth to help promote their local radio stations, they have branded the photo booth along with their logos and own designs and the prints are changed at each location to reflect the local radio station that we are supporting each morning.

Users enter the photo booth and have a FREE photo taken in front of the London Olympic stadium back drop, the picture is then printed out within seconds and placed in a branded photo wallet which they can take home and cherish forever. Video messages can also be recorded in the photo booth which are being sent to Olympic athletes.

Along with the photo booth the BBC bus is also paying visits to the starting point of the torch each morning, from here local radio stations are interviewing local Olympians and torchbearers live on air.