Top tips for hiring a photo booth

By April 26, 2012Blog

Here are the things to watch out for, common pitfalls and photo booth advice from the experts:

At dreambooth, the vast majority of our bookings are from word of mouth. Why? Because we don’t do hidden extras and because we do what we say we are going to do!

We have all seen photo booth companies advertising their booths from £395. But that soon turns into more than £700 when you add in all the hidden extras which they claim they do not charge.

So dreambooth have listed below our top tips for hiring a photo booth, the things to watch out for and some great examples:

  • Customisation

If you are customising your booth, your photo image or your screen ask the photo booth company for a mock up so you know what you are buying.

All of dreambooth’s photo booth designs are mocked up for sign off so your customer knows exactly what they are getting! Don’t hire a booth from someone who doesn’t have this facility!

  • VAT registration

Any photo booth company who is not VAT registered must only have one or two photo booths, are new to the industry or both. Look at this very carefully.

What happens if the first photo booth breaks down? Do they have back up? Unlikely if they are not VAT registered.

Ask for references or who else you can speak to in the office. Is this just someone running the business as a hobby? Do they have account managers and people who are available during the week and not just the weekend? You will need weekday communication when you are planning the details of the masks and wraps.

  • Photo booth quality

Over the past few months we have been approached by customers who have had a bad experience from other so called photo booth companies turning up with a photo booth that doesn’t even resemble what is on their website!

Whilst this is great for dreambooth – more photo booth bookings! – it’s terrible that these companies are bringing disrepute to our industry.

Suffice to say we don’t believe in this approach!

dreambooth’s photo booths are made from timber construction, have a solid rear section (not just a curtain) and look  great with our standard wrap colours or with personalised branding.

  • Image Quality

Our photo booth cameras are used by the BBC! We provide 18 (yes eighteen) megapixel cameras that provide HD images. Check this – don’t settle for less – you’ll be upset after the event when the best images are poor quality.

  • Video Booth

Dreambooth provides video booths as standard. To be honest we need to shout about it more!

We assume when people book our photo booths they know they can take videos. And we don’t just mean that you can set the booth up for a night of video clips. We give the user the choice when they enter the booth by clicking on the touch screen to either have a short clip or for the photo booth to take pictures.

  • Watch out for hidden extras

The classic is mileage. Our photo booth hire charges are the same from Land’s End to John O’Groats – even central London. Often hire is an attractive price for certain photo booth companies but only within a certain geographical area! We also don’t charge for props – some companies do so be careful. All of our prop boxes are brimming with amazing and ridiculous props (probably because we love prop shopping!)


Finally, be very suspicious of any photo booth company advertising headline prices. These companies cannot operate on the prices they are advertising alone. And always ask for a list of references from previous jobs – a professional photo booth company will always provide one! And remember corporate customers, get a design for customisation so you can see what the photo booth company is proposing for your event. If this cannot be done (and done quickly) go somewhere else – like dreambooth!