Dreambooth stars at Mitchell and Butler Annual Award Ceremony

By April 11, 2012Blog

It’s not every day that the entire Mitchell and Butler board set up camp away from head office. However, once a year they head off for four days to ‘Talk to the Troops’, an award ceremony which recognises the best performing pubs and outlets throughout the country.

This year they headed to Celtic Manor. Over five-hundred people attend the magnificent awards ceremony each night – that’s over two-thousand managers and tenants of hundreds of establishments including All Bar One, Sizzling Pubs and The Harvester.

For suppliers to Mitchell and Butler, it’s a fantastic opportunity to showcase their products; they have a captive audience of the people who actually deliver their products to the customer.

The big question is: How does one of Mitchell and Butler’s key suppliers like Molson Coors make themselves stand out from all the other suppliers at the Awards Ceremony?

The event manager, Charlotte, spent weeks considering this exact conundrum – how do we make ourselves different at the show? What haven’t we done before? How do we get our customers to visit our stand? And how do we get our customers to remember us after the event?

The answer? Dreambooth’s photo booth, of course!

“Literally, it blew all the other suppliers out of the water”, Charlotte Molson Coors, Event Manager says. “Our brand presence (which the branded photo booth formed part of) was so dominant. We had John Claude Van Damme plastered all over the booth! Even one of our most important targets, the All Bar One Brand Manager, said ‘It was the biggest talking point of the event!’”

For Charlotte and the Molson Coors team, the after show coverage was an unexpected bonus.

“We had emails and instant messages talking about the event and the photo booth for weeks! The delegates were ecstatic to take away their great memorabilia associated with our brands, and similarly, dreambooth provided us with digital copies each evening for their intranet. These were uploaded and meant Mitchell and Butler employees could run internal photo competitions! Such a simple idea made a huge impact for our brand and we are very grateful to dreambooth for their professionalism and making our brands a success!”

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