Why our photo booth is the must-have feature for your next corporate event

By February 24, 2012Blog

Are you organising a corporate event or looking for something a little bit different to promote your brand or client?

Well, here at dreambooth we have just the thing for you! Take a look at our video…

So what did they do?

Customised Photo Booth – Our high quality, luxury photo booths can be completely customised to reflect your brand. We can add your brand image around the whole booth, or apply a small logo to our slick black booths. On the video, our client did a full 360 wrap.

Customise Photo Print Outs – everyone who has their photo taken in our booth gets a free image to take away. This print out can have anything you require printed onto it, whether it is your brand logo, a message, or a funky Disney character, we work with you to produce the correct image for your event.

Data Collection – our dreamboth ushers can capture certain data on branded iPads, which you are then able to use for e-shots / Marketing / Facebook campaigns.

The whole event was customised – full booth wrap, personalised photo print outs, branded computer interface, full iPads data collection, glossy photo wraps, trendy booth ushers and ambassadors! The campaign was a huge success and we loved doing it, too!

That being said… we have much more to offer:

Green screen – imagine being able to sit under Sydney Harbour Bridge, lounge on the beautiful  Mauritius Shores and explore the top of Mount Kilimanjaro – all in one day. Well, in our booths, you can do just that! You select the theme and we print the backdrop you require. This is a great opportunity for product placement.

Facebook Integration

dreambooth’s software has a unique Facebook upload tool which lets users upload their photos direct from the booth straight to Facebook, expanding your brand exposure immediately.

Email straight from the booth for which we can add any link URL or message to you require.

Images after the event are always provided on a USB at the end of your event

Live Slide Show images can be projected to a monitor around your event

Video Messaging is a unique way of capturing promotional material from actual customers – just touch the computer interface to start recording.

If you want to find out more about what we can provide for your corporate events, click here for more information.

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