Beautiful English Vintage Wedding with dreambooth

By February 3, 2012Blog

With a bride from the Peak District and a groom with deep roots in the world of snowboarding, this wasn’t going to be your average wedding!

They had thought of everything: quintessential English vintage table arrangements, beautiful wedding bouquets and elegant hair clips for the bridesmaids. However, the icing on their cake was their alternative wedding guest entertainment.

The Top 3:

1. Photo Booth Hire

“This was a hilarious way of entertaining our guests. dreambooth were right next to the band so people enjoyed prancing and pouting at the same time. The guest book provided so much laughter the day after and for years to come, thank you dreambooth, you were Awesome!” Becky (the bride)

2. Spritz aperitifs

It’s the new Pimms, and it’s just like drinking pop, with one small difference… it makes you dance. A lot.

3. Customised VANS

These had been individually made for the Wedding Party! Have you ever heard of such a fantastic wedding gift? This was one of those weddings that the guests will talk about for years to come, but most importantly, it was completely filled with love.

We at dreambooth would like to congratulate the happy couple; we loved your day and are glad you loved our wedding photo booth.

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