Data Collection Ideas – We can do it in our photo booth

By February 1, 2012Blog

Are you in the events industry? Are eMarketing and eShot campaigns a major part of your day-to-day life? Are you looking for a fun way to get specific data from potential clients?

If you’re answering yes to the above questions, we have some brilliant data collection ideas for you. We at dreambooth now have the ability to collect data from people at your event, which you can use for future eShots / mailShots / social media.

When you hire a photo booth you can add the option of our booth ushers using branded iPads to collect your specific criteria such as name, age and email address. These online data collections are then emailed to you the client and will remain between you and the user. This is an easy way to get the data you require without trying to sell a service.

We also have facilities for the user to email their picture direct to their friends and family. The email can be sent with any message you require including logos, branding, URL or blog site listings. This service is provided generally for clients who want an immediate kick back response from their users; for example using it for a promotional offer, a new launch, a discount price or just for more Facebook likes.

We can also create branded photo booths, which are great for the corporate event industry, advertising your brand on, in and around our booth!

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