Planning for your big day

By August 29, 2011Blog

You have planned this day for months, possibly even years.  Everything is set to work with like clockwork.  No detail has been forgotten.  Every supplier has been contacted, re-contacted and confirmed.  The table plan has been set.  Your dress has arrived.  Everything is ready.  Nothing could go wrong…. or could it?

Even the best laid plans can go awry, and your precision-planned wedding day is not immune to this fact of life. Fortunately, we at dreambooth have compiled some issues you may not have considered, and provided some suggestions on how to avoid them.

A member of your family takes full advantage of the free alcohol and ends up throwing up in the middle of the dance floor

Hold a de-brief with your wedding team before the big day, giving them the heads up on who may indulge a little too much.  They will then be able to keep a crafty eye on the alcohol consumption during the day. Forewarned is forearmed!

You spill red wine on your wedding dress (or someone does this for you)

The simple solution to this is stay on the champagne and far, far away from the red!  If you do get an unsightly stain, bear in mind that all pictures can be airbrushed to remove the offending mark.

A child cries or talks throughout the ceremony

Have you considered hiring a babysitter to keep the children amused?  Many wedding venues have a children’s area now which has toys etc. to keep the boredom at bay.  Check with your venue if this is the case.  If not, take your own.  Friends with children will be willing to lend you some toys to save you having to buy your own – just make sure you know what you borrow so you can return things to the right owners!

A key member of the ‘support team’ goes missing

Pick your best man, your bride’s maids and ushers with care.  Think about the responsibility they will hold and make them aware of what you expect throughout the day.  Make sure that everyone knows where to go and at what time.  Remember, it is your day and they are there to support you.

Uninvited guests turn up or people who haven’t RSVP’d

Check that everyone you have invited to your big day has responded to your invitation.  If someone hasn’t replied, call them to find out why; it could be that they have accepted but you haven’t received the response.  If someone turns up that hasn’t been catered for, don’t panic. Make sure that your best man is briefed on what to do if this happens.  The caterer will most probably make more meals than needed, so feeding the gate crashers won’t be an issue – you just have to decide if you want the interlopers sharing your big day.

The best man’s speech is offensive

If you are seriously worried about the best man’s speech, have a quiet word with the Master of Ceremonies.  Arrange some kind of sign so that if things become too cringeworthy, you can indicate to the Master of Ceremonies that you want the speech to stop.  However, the question you have to ask yourself is why on earth you are having a best man that could cause you some offence on your big day!

Road works result in you turning up late

While you have planned your day to the second, it could be that you get delayed for some reason i.e. you get stuck in traffic.  If you have a to travel a considerable distance to the ceremony, check with your local council to see if there are any planned road closures or temporary traffic lights, and if so adjust your times accordingly.  Always make sure that you have some way of contacting everyone, so if the bridal car is delayed you can get in touch – even if it means putting a mobile phone in your garter!

Of course, these are just a few suggestions – there’s a plethora of pitfalls that could befall your big day. Do you have any tips or stories? We’d love to hear them! Why not drop us a line on Twitter?